NLP For Business Enhancement – Course Dissertation 2

Course Dissertation NLP in Business

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Dissertation Exercise

Subject: NLP in Business

Words – 10,000

Topics to include – how NLP can:

  1. Increase sales revenue
  2. Improve P AND L Margins
  3. Improve customer service performance
  4. Improve board level team relationships
  5. Improve work relationships
  6. Improve team performance
  7. Create a business vision

You can research this subject matter using the internet, our recommended reading list, any further reading or research you feel appropriate.

Dissertation chapter headings to include:

  • NLP for sales staff
  • NLP for service staff
  • Improve business profitability
  • Increase individual accountability and personal performance
  • List how outcome goals can improve all areas of business performance
  • List examples of 5 outcome-focused goals
  • List examples of 5 outcome-orientated actions to deliver goals
  • State your review period and process.

Please see attached an example of an NLP in business essay to assist you with your business dissertation

NLP in Business essay.pdf
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