From Banking Head to NLP Life Coach – Your Tutor's Story

Forward by Alistair Horscroft.

Mark has spent 20 years treating a client list that includes World Champion Sportsman, CEOs, Government Advisors, Politicians, West End Stars and Olympic athletes. His engaging and informative teaching style is peppered with anecdotes from an unparalleled career in which he has helped thousands of people to achieve profound change in their lives and businesses.

In 2008 my organisation the Mind Institute of Australia awarded Mark Shields a Mastery of Modern Psychology for his contribution, development and regular advancement within the positive psychology arena. This was celebrated around the world for his contribution and advancement of individuals and businesses.

I was personally delighted when In 2018 Mark was invited to join coaching legends such as Dan Lok, Robin Sharma T. Harv Eker Matt Bernstein and John Lee and showcase his work as a member of the Wealth Dragons team.

Alistair Horscroft Founder The Mind Institute Noosa Australia

My Story THE BIRTH OF THE CAM COACH – by course author, Mark Shields

The Birth of the CAM Coach

Many people would have said I had it all. A house on the hill, sea view, boat in the harbour, great job, a wonderful wife and family and to top it all I lived on the Channel Islands.

If that doesn’t top it all I had a six figure salary, riches beyond my wildest dreams - or so I thought.

I was the head of a well-known bank and we were achieving great results, I had a great team of people I worked with and life was good; how much better does it get than that? I had recently been awarded the bank’s prestigious manager of the year “best of the best” award, which had been a great achievement and honour - and a complete surprise at the time it is fair to add.

My wife had a job at the local heritage trust, my daughter was at the local nursery and my son had just been born. Nothing could have been better.

I just had one big problem. I was bored.

No, really bored.

Really, really bored. So bored I felt guilty every day I went in that I didn’t deserve the money I was being paid.

I’d worked out I had somebody in my team that did everything for me, even writing the bank’s cheques for me to sign and updating the sales results boards on my office wall while I sat there and watched.

What was there left for me to do?

I was 38 years old and had achieved everything I had set out to achieve. I had a great PA and a second personal assistant that did everything for me from booking my flights to taking notes at meetings I attended, and to top it all, my sector of the bank was achieving every target we had been given, several times over. I needed a change, a challenge, something that would in some bizarre way allow me to once again face the challenge and excitement I had got in the past when climbing that corporate ladder.

I cast my mind back to the beginning, some 22 years before.

There I was at 16 with my mother in British Home Stores, buying my first business suit. It was grey and I also got a maroon stripy tie; my mother loved it, I hated it, especially that maroon tie. I hoped none of my friends could see me. It was my first job interview with one of the major 5 high street banks. I felt confident, I had my five “O” levels, been told I was good at admin, so what could go wrong? After all, I was only going for the job of filing clerk.

Somewhere along the way the new grey suit, or it could have been the tie, let me down and I was rejected. A young lady in a very smart red jacket got the job. She certainly didn’t get her jacket from BHS. They thought she had more to offer; I am sure she did. I was devastated, but always remembered my first experience of not getting that job. It wouldn’t happen again, especially not with that bank, and I was relentless about one day putting the record straight.

That bank remained in my sights for years to come. Ironic then that I ended up running a large sector of that same bank 22 years later, still with the same 5 “O” levels, but they didn’t seem to matter anymore -nobody seemed to care. The bank had come and head hunted me, yes you heard me right, the bank wanted me. My reputation for getting the best out of people had spread far and wide and now this same bank, the one I had been so eager to join years before was now chasing me and chasing me hard. But I will come back to that.

Back to present day: the grey suit, girl in the red jacket and stripy maroon tie seemingly a long way off. It was one of those lazy summer days in the Channel Islands. I was in the kitchen when my wife Karen appeared around the fridge door in a state of both panic and delight. “It’s him again, that guy on tv who can do everything, the life guru!”

I knew who she meant straight away and the fact he was blessed with film-star looks definitely held Karen’s interest. “Everything”, I repeated to myself. I cautiously entered the lounge and there he was, the man that supposedly does everything, film star looks and all. He was in full flow, helping a very frightened looking groom get over his wedding nerves. The more I watched the more intrigued I became.

I was watching a programme called The Life Guru; the star of the show was somebody called Alistair Horscroft, a life coach and NLP Practitioner who had been plucked from obscurity to star as the show’s expert and host.

My earliest memories of the world of NLP was watching Alistair that day being interviewed on the tv, talking about another business he had turned around, another life he had changed, another challenge he had overcome, and another miracle he seemed to have performed. I remember he looked as amazed as everyone when changing yet another mere mortal’s life forever, and he simply stated that the power of the mind was incredible and anything was possible. Or words to that effect.

Here was a man who was incredibly successful, often someone’s last resort, and he seemed to offer the miracle cure time and time again. He had his own tv show to prove it. The Life Guru was featured every week, curing all sorts of people, from all sorts of problems and phobias.

I vividly remember watching the great man that day, and wondering exactly how he did the amazing things he did, how he had so much knowledge about the mind, business, people, positive psychology nutrition and his whole holistic approach individuals and business. That was it. I had to meet this guy and find out how he did the wonderful things he did. He lived in Sydney, but just happened to be flying to London to run an NLP and Coaching course at the end of the year.

Seven years later and the rest is history. Alistair and I remain firm friends to this day. The Life Practice was born and I was on my on a journey of self discovery, personal development and positive change I would never have believed possible. My life was about to change forever.

Life was good and I was learning so much and getting great results. I learned very quickly mindset and outlook played a massive part in getting great results with my clients. Positive psychology and transformational coaching techniques were at the heart of everything I did.

The following years saw me enjoy coaching success evidenced at the very highest level. I worked with a world champions, government advisors, hundreds of CEO'S from around the world, celebrities, even the chief advisor the the USA admiralty.

I worked with individuals and businesses and many business owners helping them thrive and achieve massive personal and professional success. The 2 complemented each other perfectly. If we are happy as human beings we become 1000 times more motivated, can you imagine the impact that can have on our energy and motivation to take action, especially at work.

These principles are at the heart of the key principles and lessons that are taught on this course.. Everything starts and finishes with people. If your staff are happy they will perform better its a fact. Invest in your people, create an environment for them to grow and develop. Show and interest in their performance by getting involved and coaching them investing your time them so they will go that extra mile for you and the business.

As I once said some years ago now " our business will live or die by the commitment, confidence and competence of its people"

This course brings together principles and strategies that will enable you to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to completely change the culture and performance of your business and staff. It will teach you incredible coaching and personal development techniques, proven psychological principles, and transformational techniques and strategies to ensure your staff are highly motivated, happy and unlock their potential to the full. Every member of your team will be the best version of themselves it is possible to be.

This course includes everything I have learned as a senior banking executive for over 10 years and the subsequently as one of the world's leading life and business strategists working with over 1000 businesses and CEO'S over a 15 year period.

I have held nothing back. By modelling the success and learning and adopting the techniques found in this course your life and business will change forever.

Mark Shields

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