Life Practice Academy Presents The Annual Academy Achievement Awards in conjunction with the CAM Coach.

Every year 1500 new students enrol in our academy and we like to recognise and celebrate outstanding performance. In 2018 the academy promoted its first annual awards recognising excellence in student performance, progress, proficiency and achievement. This is now on the agenda every year going forward where the training executive will recognise, celebrate and honour our most outstanding students.

2018 Student Of The Year Hayley Austin

About Hayley Austin AMACCPH

My NLP Journey

In August 2017 I felt like there was something missing in my life. I had a successful Network Marketing business that I had been running for over 4 years but wanted something else. I decided to look into coaching qualifications as my strengths are mentoring a team and leading from the front. I came across NLP (Nuro Linguistic Programming) and The Life Practice Academy. The course that made the most sense to me was a Level 4 Diploma in Life and NLP coaching. I decided to go for it and take the plunge. I was accredited a Level 5 Diploma in May 2018.

Since becoming qualified my life has changed on a massive scale. Life just keeps getting better over time. Last year I went into partnership with a local charity and have coached hundreds of sessions and held workshops. This has given me valuable 1:1 priceless Life coaching experience. Ive been working with people who are stuck or stressed, dealing with anxieties, depression, trauma, PTSD, confidence and self belief. I have realised that my ability to create rapport as well as my heart felt approach, that I have a genuine passion to help people get to where they want to be and to become the best version of themselves.

The hours I have clocked up has meant, that I have more than enough experience to progress with my masters in NLP, Hypnosis and Human behaviours. I am now currently working towards becoming the best I can be and learning a new skill in EFT (emotional freedom technique). A master practitioner here I come.

My biggest achievement is becoming a published author in May 2019. My book is called FREEDOM FROM ANXIETY. A self help book with tools, techniques and strategies to help overcome fears and anxieties. My story, struggling with anxiety is featured within the chapters of the book.

There is so much more id like to achieve and all of this is because I made the choice to learn with Mark Shields and his team. I continue to work with Mark Shields as he really knows how to get the best out of people!

Feel free to contact me about this course, and i'll gladly talk you through what to expect on your journey. Who knows you may get to work with me, as I am becoming an online tutor very soon! My number is 07714 669359

NLP becomes a part of you, just like it has with me.

To wake up with passion and drive every day is an amazing feeling, and I want to reach out and help as many people as I can, get the life they want. Get rid of fear, have more confidence, believe in your abilities, stop procrastination. Check out my coaching courses, online and offline.

If you want to explore yourself and think a career in Life coaching could be for you, then I recommend working with Mark Shields, Author, Speaker, Advisor, Educator and CEO of the Life Practice Group. The support I receive from Mark is amazing, he gives you valuable feedback. The modules are easy to navigate through and is all online. Plenty of video demonstrations and a dissertation to complete and many case studies. You have a year to complete the course. Its LIFE CHANGING.

Hayley Austin The Mrs Powers of Coaching.

Hayley Austin graduated from The life Practice Academy in May 2018. Since then she has set up her practice, achieved 16 clients per week regularly, appeared on the radio, developed her own product range and authored a self help book on gaining Freedom from anxiety. She was a clear winner of our 2018 award. She will be tutoring courses for the academy later on in 2019.

2019 Academy Recognising Excellence Awards

The nominations are under way for 2019.