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About the CAM industry

As the multi award winning creators of CAM TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING™ we are the only school in the world that offers a truly integrative approach to life coach training.

Our multi faceted approach combines a powerful range of rapid behavioural change solutions. These include cutting edge insights from health and personal development, human potential advancement and behavioural change psychology.

CAM stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

There are over 100,000 CAM Practitioners currently working to complement conventional approaches to medicine in the UK and around the world.

The CAM Industry is primarily the home to all talking therapists, life coaches, wellness practitioners, transformational coaches, clinical hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, nutritionists, coaches, counsellors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, functional medicine practitioners, holistic therapists, wellness practitioners, plus many more.

CAM is a progressive and developing industry with more and more individuals choosing CAMS rapid transformational coaching techniques and world renowned business set up courses as their first choice of learning provider when choosing to become a professional coach.

About the CAM coach?

The CAM Coach transformational coaching methodologies and business set courses are based upon the best selling book “the CAM COACH” researched and written by Mark Shields a former Barclays executive turned life coach and Simon Martin a health expert , writer and world champion sportsman.

CAM Coaching is accepted throughout the world today as a leading authority on transformational coaching and business set up expertise purposely aligned to the CAM industry

CAM COACH courses can include NLP, behavioural science, life coaching, health coaching, modern psychology, mindfulness, clinical hypnotherapy, talking therapies, EFT, NNRT, Gestalt, regression, inner child, plus many more

What Makes CAM Coaches so unique?

CAM Coaches offer a truly integrated approach to life coaching. They are the first coaches of their kind in the world equipped with the skills knowledge and confidence to facilitate profound change with people sometimes in a single breakthrough session. Today this is known as rapid transformational coaching. CAM Coaches are trained in a range of deep level behavioural change coaching modalities that complement each other perfectly. CAM transformational coaching are the only courses in the world that combine MIND, HEALTH AND LIFE COACHING all within the same course