Hi I'm Mark Shields

Often referred to as the CAM Coach, I help coaches embody their knowledge, up level their skills and create a more positive impact in the world. I teach you deep level coaching skills to enable you to help people achieve profound change in their lives, their work and their personal lives.

Welcome to the Life Practice Online Coaching Academy direct from CAM COACH Training.

I know how difficult it is to make a break from the rat race, change complete career direction and thrive as a professional life coach. I did it and you can to.

I've scoured the earth, collaborated with some of the world's greatest experts, learned from many of the pioneers of behavioural change and had the pleasure of mentoring many of the worlds's leading coaches.

During this time I have created a unique behavioural change coaching methodology used within our life practice clinics and trained on our life practice courses earning me my life and business mastery awarded in 2008 by the Mind Institute Of Australia.

I'm here to give you the tools to create a new lifestyle and career that allows you to transform and thrive as you help others do the same.

Everything you need can be found right here within the syllabus of our courses.

All of our courses come with my promise to give you everything you need for your personal journey into transformation, creating a lifestyle and career that allows you to transform and thrive and together we can take your passion and turn it into a career.

I am passionate and enthusiastic about delivering on our mission of "providing life changing education for every one every where" and personally back this up by offering monthly enrolment discounted course offers, 100 course bursaries and 100 free places every year, to students challenged by health, financial and employment issues.

Carpe Diem

Mark Shields



1 - Take advantage of our free and easy way of helping you choose the right course that meets your individual learning needs & competency requirements.

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To help you can chat with our tutors and have all your questions answered, without obligation. Face-to-face or via telephone whichever you prefer. Call 01462 431112 or email info@thecamcoach.com to book.

2 - Try any of our taster courses free prior to booking to make sure our courses are for you.

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It is important our partnership works well from day one and we know what to expect from each other. This is why we offer a range of free taster courses so you can trial our training prior to committing to any of our longer term courses.

3 - We offer courses that are unique and different from any other training courses available today.

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Our Transformational Life Coach training courses offer you multi certification training, qualifying you in a range of different coaching disciplines all within the syllabus of one powerful life coaching course. This will equip you with the skills knowledge and confidence to be able to achieve transformational results with your clients in just a handful of sessions.

For those students looking to use their skills professionally, our success in business courses have gained the accolade of being amongst the worlds leading business resource for those coaches looking to set up in private practice. So not only will our courses ensure you achieve transformational results with your clients they will also ensure you achieve commercial success in your business if that's what you intend to do.

4 - 100% Online with a free face to face option. Enrol onto any of our courses from anywhere in the world at any time and be in complete control of your study.

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With university fees escalating and professional courses in the helping profession declining, the demands from 'the professional student" are greater than ever. This is where our professional practitioner range of courses fit perfectly.

Our 100% online professional practitioner courses are specifically designed for UK and international students to obtain meaningful, vocational and professional qualifications without any logistical barriers or geographical limitations. Enrol and complete your courses in your own time at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

For those students who would like to include the option of face to face training we offer two face to face training days free as our guest. For those students who would like to include a further five days of face to face training this is available at an additional cost of 495.00 per delegate

5 - Award Winning Academy.

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We have won many awards since our launch in 2005. Most notably in 2008 we were formally recognised by the Mind Institute of Australia for demonstrating service, insight and unique advances within the NLP community and IN 2017 were voted best life coaching training provider UK by the UK Business Enterprise Awards. We have just received notice of our most recent award to date - Winner UK'S Best International Training Academy of 2018, in recognition of our international contribution to personal and professional development on a global scale.

6 - Quality Course Content.

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Our CAM COACH modules are now included within the degree syllabus at several universities and colleges making us the first choice for many students looking to enter the workplace as professional health coaches and gain commercial success in private practice.

7 - Industry Leading Accreditation.

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We believe being able to offer industry leading course accreditation is of paramount importance to all of our students. This is why we choose to accredit all our courses through ACCPH. who base their accreditation criteria on markers and stipulations set by OFQUAL the government’s regulated educational board.The AACPH are our preferred membership body.

Membership with BATHH British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy and ANLP, GHR, CNHC are all available to students that include a face to face option with their training.

8 - Free follow up training and post course support.

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We believe it is important that you are able to practice and work on your skills with like minded professionals following your graduation. With this in mind we offer all of our graduating students the opportunity to attend any of our face to face training courses free of charge as our guest. We offer all delegates 2 days face to face training through our academy free of charge with an option to complete a further 5 days training at a cost of £495.00 per delegate.

9 - The Highest Standard of Education.

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Just as in the field of many talking therapy's coaching remains an unregulated profession and with no agreed regulatory body in place. The Life Practice Academy has taken the lead in establishing an ethical set of core competencies and practitioner proficiencies that are based principally upon the standards that follow the UK'S National Occupational Standards. This ensures we set the same high standard of education across all of our courses.

10 - Quality and Experience of our Trainers.

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If you want to train to be a coach, the best people to learn from are those who are already successfully running successful private coaching businesses. Our training team have all been running successful private practices for many years with businesses in Harley Street, Rodney Street, Richmond, St Albans, Brighton, Hitchin, Cambridge, to name but a few. They all continue to practice professionally to this day.

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