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Welcome to the Life Practice Online Coaching Academy

Our range of fully accredited and certified E Learning Flexi Training Courses will enable you to train as a Health Coach, Counsellor, Nutritional Coach, NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, EFT Practitioner and Corporate Coach. Our courses include modules in Health and Wellbeing, Behaviour Change, Behavioural Science, Life style Medicine, Nutrition, Modern Psychology, NNRT, Negative Neuro Pathway Reversal Therapy and full Business Set Up. Our online academy offers students a personal tutor, professional qualifications, accredited courses, practice and networking groups and post course student support.

Why Train With Us?

Find out more about Health Coaching and whether you have what it takes to become a Coach and help others. Do you long to have a flexible career that offers you freedom and financial independence whilst also transforming lives? Or do you want to learn life changing Coaching skills that could help you to accelerate your existing career? We have helped thousands of people over the years to become professional health coaches and go on to help others using the skills and knowledge, we will share with YOU NOW. Qualify as a health coach with us and benefit from our CAM COACH insights into how to set up and sustaining a successful practice, ensuring your future success as a professional coach.

Accreditation and Certification

To ensure we provide the best professional qualifications the industry has to offer, we accredit all of our courses through the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches and Psychotherapists (ACCPH) who offer accreditation based upon markers and stipulations set by OFQUAL the UK government’s educational regulatory body. Professional accreditation is offered at foundation, practitioner and mastery level via full diploma levels 3-5. This means that if you are seeking a new career in the Health sector, our level of accreditation will qualify for gaining insurance to practice.

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We are passionate about our mission "to be able to offer life changing education to everyone, everywhere". This is why we offer our full range of courses via face to face trainings, or via our Online Coaching Academy. This enables you to choose your preferred learning option. Your success is our success so feel free to contact us to discuss any of the featured courses through with our tutors. We are available on 01462 431112 or via email if you have questions.

Welcome to our Online Academy

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Mark Shields

Author of The CAM Coach

"this course was a game changer for me and completely changed my life"

Michael Swaine MBE. Public Figure. NLP Practitioner



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“I am so pleased I found the course, it has changed my life and transformed the results I get with my clients, brilliant”

Doctor Mitsurah Bello PHD



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Awards 2017

"This course was brilliant"

Lyn Darby - Chief Commissioning Officer NHS



"To change millions of lives by providing

life changing education accessible and

affordable to everyone everywhere"

"released me from a 20 year phobia and gave me the confidence to find my vocation & start my coaching business at 51 brilliant"

Maxine Crawley - Life Coach - Former Mayor of St Albans

"never really took it seriously and did't believe i would be able to earn a full time wage and people would take me seriously. Well I am and they do. Incredible training course'

Melanie Firth - Life Coach

"never thought i could do it but now in my 5th consecutive year I know i can'

Jade Saffer The Holistic Teen Coach

"gave me the confidence to live the dream and become a professional life coach"

Nicole Atkinson - Life Coach

"gave me the confidence and self belief to take my career to the next level"

Marie Francoise Wolff TV Presenter

"Changed my life and gave me the confidence to take the plunge and do what i always wanted"

Bobby Jo Louise Bottomly Clinical Hypnotherapist

"enabled me to do things i never believed possible, changed my entire life and career"

Tracey Baum NLP Trainer

"Inspiring, empowering, motivational"

Paul Kinsella - World Champion

"Best Investment I ever made"

Steve Dixon - HR Director, Easy Jet

"This year is going to be my best year yet"

Simon Martin - World Champion

"Helped me create Europe's most successful practice"

Oliver Barnet - Founder The London Clinic of Nutrition

"completely changed my life and the way I work with my patients"

Carolina Brooks - The Functional Medicine Entrepreneur

"Life Changing"

Bruce Heasman - Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Helped me take my life and my business to the next level"

Emma Hendricks - Leader, BANT Centre of Excellence


“Our Professional Practitioner range of courses are more than just courses. They are, a nationally recognised multi-certification training, a personal journey of success & transformation and a doorway to an exciting, rewarding & meaningful new career"