An Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming

The creators of NLP Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the mid 70's referred to NLP as, "an attitude, and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques".

The attitude they are referring to is one of curiosity, a 'how do they do that attitude' - or more precisely a 'how can I do that' attitude.

Attitude will get you moving, but won't get you the results, to get results you need a methodology.

The methodology that they created is called 'modelling'. Modelling is an NLP term for a precise way of copying, where you find someone who is excellent at what they do, ask them questions (elicit information), observe them and adopt what you have learnt very specifically. In brief, to model someone you would observe:

Physiology - what they do with their body

Language - their use of words

Thinking - how they construct their inner reality.

The NLP Practitioner level is a working introduction to the cornerstones that make up NLP, the core purpose of which is the application of the technology to human relationships, be that within oneself, another or between groups of individuals. As such NLP Practitioner is a personal development course as well as training in how to use this technology with others.

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