About the NLP Coaching Company and the Founder Mark Shields

The NLP Coaching Company is the sister company of Life Practice UK widely regarded as one of the leading providers of personal and professional development programmes for individuals and company’s in the world today.

The founder of the Life Practice Group is Mark Shields a former executive for Barclays Bank PLC. Mark made a life changing decision in 2005 to leave the bank and set up the Life Practice UK, a company specialising in individual personal and professional development. He was 38 years old. Mark and his team of associates have been delivering World Class training courses and coaching programmes ever since.

A significant benefit of training with Mark and his team are all the training executive are still fully engaged with clients within their own private coaching practices. The associate team boasts coaching clinics in Harley Street, London Rodney Street Liverpool, Brighton, Hitchin, Richmond, Cambridge and St Albans. This means Mark and his team keep their skills fully up to date and are still engaged and developing all the time within the coaching industry

The NLP Coaching Company have trained thousands of delegates from all over the world including individuals, heads of business, world champion sportsman, public figures, TV presenters, politicians, government advisors, MBE’S, OBE’S doctors, surgeons and many well-known faces from the world of media and entertainment

They have worked with clients including Marks and Spencer, Argos, Technika, Barclays Bank, NHS, London School of Economics, ACI’S, House of Westphalia, Tesco and many more.

Mark Shields is a successful life and business strategist, award winning NLP trainer and bestselling author. He appears regularly in the media as an NLP expert, has had over 1000 articles published and a bestselling NLP business book to his credit

Over the years Mark Shields has become greatly sought after for his ability to transform people’s lives with his dynamic and innovative coaching, mentoring and training programmes.

He has been successfully practising and training NLP, Life and Business Coaching since he left his role of head of investments for Barclays Bank in 2005. He became a Master Trainer of NLP in 2008 when he was recognised for his insight, development and unique advancements within the NLP arena by the Mind Institute in Australia

Since then Mark has coached individuals and businesses all over the world. Known as “the CAM COACH” based upon his bestselling NLP business book of the same name. The CAM COACH programs have become the UK’s leading business resource for coaches with its material now deeply embedded deeply in degree syllabus at several UK universities.

2015 saw mark and his team collaborate with Professor Paul Dolan, Behavioural Scientist at the London School of Economics. Mark and Paul launched their Happiness by Design Wellbeing at Work programme based on Paul’s bestselling book “Happiness by Design”.

Marks latest project is the filming of a TV pilot in October 2016. The pilot showcases Mark using his NLP and hypnosis skills assisting real life clients, live on television.

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