Welcome from the Course Director

Today it is acknowledged that NLP is one of the most powerful personal and professional development strategies available today. It is commonly used in business re enforcing sales and service models and privately as a coaching tool utilised in the therapeutic, change and life coaching arena.

Our online NLP Practitioner course has been designed to give you an overview of the tools and strategies of Neuro- Linguistic Programming so that you can experience how NLP can help make positive and rapid changes in your own life. In addition we share with you the core NLP skill sets to show you how to apply NLP in the lives of other people and your coachees.

Our online NLP Practitioner course has been specifically designed to take you on a journey of personal development and self-discovery.

We have used a powerful combination of audio, video, self-study and personal assignments so you can complete our program in your own time at your own pace. You will experience very quickly as you work through the course how simple effecting meaningful and lasting change can be.

Our ethos and core beliefs are based upon the fact individuals can achieve unlimited success in their lives, unlocking their full potential and ultimately get the life they want. All of our courses work on the principle individual success comes down to the right balance of focus, control, confidence, competence and taking action.

NLP will teach you how to be emotionally well, mentally creative, physically vital, spiritually aware, and happy in your relationships and achieve your goals.


We have ensured you will get the most from this online program by catering for all learning needs and styles. To ensure we get this right we have included reading exercises, audio, short video clips and access to our NLP Practitioner manuals used on our certified courses.

We have used the following symbols to guide you through the programme so that you know what to do and when to do it all in your own time.

SET EXERCISES: Complete the set exercises in our workbook

MANUALS AND READING: Read through our NLP manual and Course Handouts

SUPPORTING VIDEO CLIPS: Watch short video clips that introduce a section or skill set. Just click on the icon and watch in your own time.

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