Introduction to Part 3

Well done for completing Part 1 & 2 of our NLP Practitioner online course. You will now have an understanding of what NLP is, how it originated and how to apply the Presuppositions of NLP in your everyday life.

In the next Part we are going to look at the Fast Phobia Cure.

There are many strategies, tools and techniques contained within the NLP Coaches repertoire of skill sets. The really interesting fact about NLP techniques is when you break them all down they all work in exactly the same way but just with different representational systems. (VAKOG)

This is done in a nutshell by changing ones relationship with the problem at an unconscious level, breaking all connections with the said fear, phobia or bad memory. By doing this you can change the way your coachee thinks and feels about past events, fears and phobias.

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