Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy


There is a strong link between NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy. The main reason for this is both of these coaching modalities work with the client's unconscious mind. They are often used together within the same session with a client.

We have included them within this course for that very reason.

Welcome to part 4 of the course dedicated to clinical hypnotherapy. I am sure that you will find this part stimulating, informative and useful. It is an introduction to the art, science, and practical application of hypnosis and will show you how to undertake a complete hypnosis session, with a client. safely and within the confines of this basic knowledge base. You will also be shown how to apply hypnosis in a variety of different situations.

Hypnosis is a fairly simple experience to replicate and you will certainly be able to do so upon completion of this course.

The exercises in part 4 of the course will show you how to achieve hypnosis with clients and will make suggestions as to how to apply it in a variety of amazing and highly beneficial ways as well as teaching you how to write your own scripts. However you need to be aware of your limitations and be true to your current ability. There is plenty of time and there will be plenty of opportunity to gather, practise and learn advanced skills, techniques and approaches. Part 4 will provide a few ‘need to knows’ and a glossary.

Enjoy this beginning stage and get good at it. Practise these basics and you will have set up the foundation for a long and successful relationship with hypnosis. Much of what I teach is not taught or found in books, I dispel many of the myths both old and current and I show you the absolute best ways to achieve consistent results. I also give you a clear understanding of how and where these basic skills can be best used for both enjoyment and commercial success.

At the end of this part of the course there is further information on how to take your hypnosis career further with 'Advanced Mastery Diploma' training and NLP certification. In addition modules on how to set up a successful business as a practising professional clinical hypnotherapist. What you will learn here will give you as much if not more knowledge than 90% of practising 'lay' hypnotherapists. This should not be seen as a 'good thing' more an honest appraisal of what you will know in comparison to others.

The main reason for this is that in the UK, Australia and some states in America you can practise hypnotherapy without any qualifications and without the need to be a member of any association, board or governing body. In the UK and some states in America you can also get public liability insurance without any training.

As a result of this the hypnosis industry is mainly self-regulated with boards, governing bodies and associations dictating ethics, rules, regulations and criteria for acceptance.

The ACCPH have accredited this course as a level 4 Diploma. Accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists, and hypnotherapists.

To end this introduction, suffice to say that in some countries and states what you learn here will be enough to begin practice. In others it will not. At the end of the course I will give you further information on this and guidelines as to how to practise should you feel confident enough to do so upon completion of the assessment and receiving your ACCPH Diploma level 5

For this part of the course you will benefit from information we gain from our course manuals used on our clinical hypnosis face-to-face course.

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