Introduction to the BIG 5 Coaching Clients

An Introduction To The Big 5 Life Coaching Clients

I am teaching you the lessons as I learned them all those years ago when I set out to become a professional Life Coach NLP Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. The world looked very big to me at the time and there seemed endless clients with endless problems. Over about 12 months I realised most clients challenges could be summarised into 5 categories. As I was still trying to conquer my NLP techniques and remember my hypnotherapy scripts I wanted to keep life as simple as possible. I decided I was going to choose my BIG 5 types of client that I was going to focus on. Once I had decided who my BIG 5 clients were, the next step was to write a Life Coaching program and Clinical Hypnotherapy script for each one.

At this point in time I also discovered the importance of the use of music to be used in hypnotherapy sessions and discovered a hypnotherapist by the name of Glen Harrold. Glen I believe today is the worlds biggest producer of hypnotherapy CDS and has a program for every condition known to man. His production company is divinity publishing and you can find him here

Glen inspired me to write my 5 programmes and I painfully scripted 5 of his hypnotherapy scripts. Back in the day it took me 10 days solid writing as i was typing and playing, pausing and writing stopping and starting a manual CD. Each programme was about 40 minutes long so you can imagine how long it took and the swearing every time I rewound the CD backwards to far.

These five hypnotherapy programmes were the foundation for my life coaching sessions. I built on top of the hypnosis scripts, life coaching strategies, and the NLP techniques I was going to use and before i knew it I had 5 programmes for 5 clients all scripted, a paper copy in my clinic file, ready to go, i was getting organised. You will know any good Life Coach cl needs a level of understanding and knowledge when it comes to NLP and Life Coaching. That is why we cover them in this multi certificated course and why they are included in our BIG 5 Client programmes.

Glen had a massive impact on me when I started and he doesn't know it to this day. I recently found myself connected to him via my personal face book. He lives in the canary islands now, still doing his great work, perhaps one day I will tell him about my 10 days of listening to his voice and how I nearly went mad.

Once I had my 5 programmes my confidence doubled and i started to attract more clients and within 3 months of adopting this process and methodology I was seeing 70 clients per month. I was away.

I strongly suggest and hope you will follow this example and model my approach.

My BIG 5 Life Coaching Clients are

1 Stop Smoking

2 Weight Loss

3 Fears and Phobias

4 Anxiety and Depression

5 Stress Management

For the general clinical Life Coach working with individuals these 5 areas will account for 95% of clients. This course and modules are consistently built around this model. You will now start to see how the well ness model fits in nicely with these programmes.Again a good Life Coach needs and wants a robust level of knowledge around health and general well ness which is why we have included modules on this on this course. It will help you get great results with your clients.

We are now going to look at each of these BIG 5 Clients one at a time. Over the next few modules you will find a full Life Coaching Program and clinical hypnosis session for each one of the BIG 5.

Each program contains

Life Coaching Program

Clinical Hypnotherapy Session Script.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Notes

As you work through the BIG 5 modules use my notes, scripts and NLP DVD Demo's as a guide and point of reference. At this point in the course its time to read, make notes, practice and gain confidence.

At the end of each of this part of the course there will be a case study exercise for you to complete. This is done to help consolidate your learning and encourage you to start to put your own input into the programmes using some of the skill sets and techniques you are feeling most comfortable with at the moment.This will change.

After each BIG 5 client exercise please forward your script to your tutor when you forward your monthly feedback.

Enjoy this next stage of the course. You will never forget it.

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