What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing or “Being well” is ultimately what everyone would like in their life. However, in reality this will not always be the case. A person’s wellness is personal to them and can be measured in all sorts of ways.

It is important to understand what we call “the Client Journey”. As quite often before a client books an appointment to come and see a CAM Practitioner, they will have seen their GP and possibly many other medical fields, albeit, orthodox or alternative, prior to this.

As NLP coaches it is important that you have a general level of understanding of common health conditions that clients could be suffering from in your clinic, as well as medications that your clients may be taking as this will have an effect on how they are feeling.

This part of the course will explain in some detail, ways in which you can establish how your clients may be feeling with regards to their general wellbeing and give you an insight into the most common conditions that you may come up against.

Later on in the course we look at these common conditions and teach you suggested programmes to use NLP with these clients to achieve a greater state of wellbeing. When dealing with mental illness we always advise the client their first port of call should be their GP. It is not unusual for NLP coaches to collaborate with GPs when dealing with the conditions described in this part of the course.

“The proportion of people saying they are very happy has fallen from 52% in 1957 to just 36% in 2005.”

Gallup poll for The Happiness Formula, BBC 2 Series, Wednesday, 3rd May 2006

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