Multi-certification training, Multi-modality learning


Enjoy our expert papers, media clips and published articles, populated throughout the course to make your learning experience that little more authentic as a means of sharing relevant topics for you to model.

We are the first training provider in the world to offer students this unique style of training. It is also important to note that this style of training mirrors the range of integrated behavioural change modalities used in our life practice coaching practices all over the world during the last 13 years.

During this time we have developed a unique and powerful reputation for achieving a track record of success evidenced at the very highest level.


We are passionate about offering all students a powerful range of behavioural change coaching solutions that complement each other perfectly. This provides our graduates with a range of tools and skills enabling them to achieve great results with their clients, have the competitive edge over their competitors and most importantly ensures their future success within the personal and professional development industry.

Having mentored and collaborated with many of the world's most successful coaches we truly understand the "coach success mindset' and this is reflected in all our courses.

In true CAM COACH style each of our unique courses includes a range of information, research, experience and knowledge, gathered from a large range of industry experts in addition to our own team of experts.

ENJOY our multi-certification, multi-modality unique learning experience.

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