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Welcome to this NLP Mastery Practitioner Certification course. NLP and Life Coaching often get confused. Life Coaching is about coaching lives and NLP is a strategy for doing just that.

This NLP Practitioner certification offers full accreditation to NLP Practitioner Mastery level looking at how NLP can transform both your personal and business results: your life at home and your life at work and even your life running your own business if that's what you do.

We have this course fully accredited with ACCPH: accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists. This means you can buy insurance and practise NLP professionally once you have completed the course and been awarded your level 5 diploma.

This course is based upon the national NLP syllabus and does cover other relative behaviour change coaching modalities such as life coaching and clinical hypnosis. We have included these deliberately as you will see as you progress through the course how these 3 coaching modalities work closely together when getting great results with your clients. For example it is common to use NLP techniques with your clients whilst in hypnosis. Exciting isn't it? The world of behavioural transformation and rapid change solutions await you.

Our courses are ideal for delegates looking for educational and vocational courses in NLP providing professional qualifications, a leading edge course syllabus and a level of knowledge, proficiency and competence, unrivalled by any other school or college.

If you are a professional student looking for a market leading NLP Practitioner level course that will enable you to work professionally within the personal and professional development arena then this course is for you.

There is a close crossover between your home life and work life and with the NLP skills learned on this NLP Practitioner Course you will enhance both as they both influence each other.

All our courses are aimed at the professional student either full or part-time with between 6 months and 2 years dedicated to learning their new craft and entering the industry as a practising professional NLP Practitioner life and business coach.

Alternatively you may be an established coach or health practitioner learning to obtain additional skills and qualifications to add to your existing skill set.

We have added a new module into the course of clinical hypnotherapy. The reason we have done this is clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful behavioural change solution and fits very well with NLP as they both work on the unconscious mind of the client. It is common to use both these techniques in the same session with a client. In fact it is common to see qualified NLP practitioners use NLP whilst coaching their client in a state of hypnosis. These two coaching modalities are often used very closely together. There is only one exception to this. I have never used hypnosis whilst using NLP to improve a businesses performance although I have used clinical hypnosis to coach the performance of the business owner themselves so there is always a value for all of these techniques. You will find and develop your own way as most practitioners and coaches find themselves doing this post graduation.

Today it is acknowledged that NLP is one of the most powerful personal and professional development strategies available. It is commonly used in business to reinforce sales and service models, and privately as a coaching tool in the therapeutic, change and life coaching arenas. This course looks at both.

In addition we share with you the most powerful behavioural change strategies the coaching industry has to offer, to ensure you can get the best results with your clients. To this end we include modules in this course on Corporate NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy Lifestyle Medicine, Behavioural Science, Coaching with EFT, and Life Coaching.

Our online NLP Practitioner Mastery course has been specifically designed to take you on a journey of personal development and self-discovery. This course is UNIQUE because, unlike other online courses, this course is fully accredited with ACCPH and will enable you to obtain the relevant insurance in order to set up your own NLP Coaching business without any further training.

Course Qualifications

Level 5 Diploma – Accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists.

LPUKA Mastery Level Certification in NLP

We have used a powerful combination of audio, video, self-study, personal assignments and an extensive reading list so you can complete our program in your own time at your own pace. You will experience very quickly as you work through the course, how simple, effective, meaningful and lasting change can be.

Our ethos and core beliefs are based upon the fact that every individual can achieve unlimited success in their life, unlocking their full potential and ultimately getting the life they want.

All our courses work on the principle that individual success comes down to the right balance of focus, control, confidence, competence and taking action.

NLP will teach you how to be emotionally well, mentally creative, physically vital, spiritually aware, happy in your relationships, and how to achieve your goals.


We have ensured you will get the most from this online program by catering for all learning needs and styles. To ensure we get this right, we have included reading exercises, audio, short video clips, video technique demonstrations and access to our NLP Practitioner manuals used on our certified courses.

We offer you full email tutor support so for any questions or queries please email us at [email protected]

I have included everything I know in this course and I'm now sharing all that knowledge with you. I have held nothing back. You will come across an NLP term called modelling. You will learn to realise it means replicating excellence.

By following the teachings this course gives you, you will have the secrets and top tips I have used over the last 20 years as one of the UK's leading NLP coaches.

I have worked with world-champion sportsmen, West End stars, government advisors, politicians, the CEOs of some of the world's largest companies and the one thing I have found to be true with all of them is that they all run the same programmes, face the same challenges and are coached successfully by the same techniques: the techniques I am sharing with you on this course.

The best advice I can give you at this early stage is to be confident and take your time in getting the most out of the course you can.

You are entering a wonderful industry where you will witness such change in human beings you won't believe it possible.

I have seen the leading West End star, who cried that he would never perform again, get back on stage at the Palladium and give the performance of his life.

I have worked with a girl who had been blind for six months and who medical professionals were unable to help with their non-organic hypothesis. Following an NLP breakthrough session, she regained 90% of her sight.

I have seen the young chap who could not fly, although his job depended on it. Following an NLP session, I got him onto a plane. However, this was no ordinary flight – it was filmed live on national television (covered later in the course).

NLP proves time and time again nothing is impossible and everything is possible.

For me, the most exciting part of my NLP journey was this bit now that you are entering. The beginning. I gave up a job as a director at Barclays Bank to become a life coach and NLP Practitioner and never looked back.

I hope you will love every minute of this wonderful journey and like me never look back.

Will Carling taught me many years ago, success is 90% confidence. I believe he was right. That was my first experience of how we can use the mind to achieve unprecedented and unlimited personal and professional success.

We have used the following symbols to guide you through the programme so that you know what to do and when to do it all in your own time.

To ensure all our courses offer our students the highest level of proficiency, knowledge and competence we ensure we follow the standards laid down within the UK's National Occupational Standards model. From this we have a range of core competencies that are consistent across all our courses and are as follows:

  1. Core knowledge
  2. Clinical application
  3. Continuing Professional Development
  4. Compliance, governance and risk
  5. CAM marketplace
  6. National Occupational Standards
  7. Client satisfaction
  8. Ongoing supervision

Good luck and enjoy the course

Mark Shields, Course Director

SET EXERCISES: Complete the set exercises in our workbook.

MANUALS AND READING: Read through our NLP manual and course handouts.

SUPPORTING VIDEO CLIPS: Watch short video clips that introduce a section or skill set. Just click on the icon and watch in your own time.

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