Core Competency Assessments

The Course Core Competencies covered in depth throughout this course are

Course Core Competencies

  1. Core knowledge
  2. Clinical application
  3. Continuing Professional Development
  4. Compliance, Governance and Risk
  5. CAM Marketplace
  6. National Occupational Standards
  7. Client complaints
  8. Ongoing Supervision

All of our assessments work in tandem with the standards set by NOS and assess all students via

  1. Core knowledge at the end of each section by sitting a multi choice exam
  2. Various course case study exercises
  3. Multi course dissertations
  4. Recommended course reading
  5. Case study one-day face-to-face skill assessment. NOS core competencies measured and assessed
  6. Case study client session assessments
  7. Practice modules
  8. Personal and Corporate case studies.

End of section Assessments

At the end of each section to check your level of understanding there is a multi choice open book assessment. You can have 3 attempts at this and the passmark is 60%. If you fail 3 consecutive you will need to email your course tutor for guidance and support.All of the multi - choice questions will have 1 answer only. You must select the answer that you feel is the best from the choice you have, and tick the appropriate box and move on to the next question. This is an open book assessment.

Course assessments and assignments

  • Modular Assessments
  • Section case studies
  • Written assignments
  • Written practical case study assessment and presentation
  • Scripts
  • Practice assignments
  • Monthly Summary and Tutor Support

At the end of each course section please ensure you complete the monthly course tutor feedback sheet and mail in to your tutor attaching all exercises completed from the section. The only exception is end of section multi choice exams. We assess those within the platform

Final Assessment

At the end of the course you will be required to attend an assessment. You will need to contact your trainer direct to arrange when you are ready to be assessed. You will be asked to demonstrate the course modalities you have studied and answer questions centred on our course core competencies, based on a client case study.

This assessment can be completed face to face, Skype, Zoom, Face Time or via distance correspondence.

The assessment will last a minimum of 4 hours and will require the following:

  • 15 minute initial consultation
  • Full client consultation 1.5 hours
  • Core competency Q AND A
  • Debrief and Feedback for future development
  • Discuss ACCPH / LPUK Accreditation

Any queries call our student helpline on 01462431112 or email [email protected]

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