I have coached many businesses in my time and each time I begin with a new client, I am usually staggered to find they don’t have a business plan. I shouldn’t be surprised really, as I can’t remember the last time I coached a practitioner who came in with a business plan of any substance. It’s not just a problem in the CAM world; it’s pretty much the same in all small and medium sized businesses.

It has been proved many times over that if you write down what you want to achieve, you have a much better chance of achieving it: some sources put this as high as 75% . Keeping your ideas in your head, or on random notes somewhere, simply doesn’t work.

A business plan drives the foundations, values and vision of your business, so the good news is if you haven’t got one in place at the moment, things will improve dramatically once you do.

Writing your business plan

I believe in keeping this simple, but focused. You should get on with this before you start your business, but if you are reading this and haven’t got one organised, it’s never too late.

When to do the plan

I believe you should wait for the right moment to put your plan together. When you are feeling creative, resourceful, passionate and motivated by your business – that’s the time to let all your great ideas flow into the pot and help form your business plan.

What to include

Watch the presentation videos to find out more about what to include in your Business Plan and download the Business Plan template in the next lesson to use alongside it.

Happy Planning!

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