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Dual Accreditation

How Is This Course Accredited?

Our mission is to offer our students the best qualifications the industry has to offer. We do this by combining professional Industry certification with external accreditation through ACCPH and in our opinion the 8 leading membership bodies in the world.

This gives our students a commercial competitive advantage in business and ensures the highest standards of competence, credibility and professionalism in practice.

Our course core competencies ensure the highest standards of student proficiency and competence meeting the educational benchmark laid down by our national occupational standards.

Membership to professional bodies and accreditation will depend upon the level of training undertaken and the students chosen learning option. Learning options click here for info.

What is Dual Accreditation?

Dual Accreditation means you can gain qualifications from two different sources. In our case we combine

1 - Industry leading professional qualifications certified by The LPA

The Life Practice Academy recognises standards of competence from beginner, foundation, practitioner and mastery levels of certification.

Our certification is guided by the competency principles found within the criteria set out by our organisational bodies.

These include GHR GHSC, ACCPH, the accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists. BathH The British Association of Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners ) the oldest membership body in the UK founded in 1953) and full acceptance at Professional Practitioner Level to ANLP UK’S largest NLP membership body.

Professional membership is offered to the NNA for those students enrolled on our health coach training levels 5 and 6.

For students studying clinical hypnotherapy you will be able to join the CNHC through our accrediting body BathH or GHR. For life coaching professionals and health and nutrition coaches you will be able to join the LCD life coach directory and nutrition resource directory and benefit from lead introduction through your membership.

2 - External accreditation through ACCPH and IPHM

This means the life practice academy have undergone external quality checks to ensure that the organisation and the courses’ it offers meet a high standard. Regular reviews of our courses are carried out as part of the endorsement process.

This Course Accreditation

  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Level Learning Packages Level 6 Diploma ACCPH.
  • International Professional Practitioner Accreditation with IPHM The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.
  • Additional Accreditation. Gold level learning allows students to join ANLP at Professional Practitioner Level and GHR at Foundation Level
  • Additional Accreditation. Platinum learning packages allows students to join GHR, GHSC BathH, ANLP, IPHM, at full practitioner level

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