Course Learning Outcomes – ADVANCED

Course Core Competencies – Personal and Vocational

All of the competencies listed below outline the competencies covered in this course and subsequent assessment process. The leading course modality is clinical hypnosis with a number of other behavioural change strategies including life coaching and NLP.

Personal course learning outcomes

  • Develop a success strategy for life
  • Change your mindset
  • Create the future you want
  • Master your emotions and take control
  • Get more confidence, make better decisions
  • Develop a practitioner level knowledge of clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching and understand how to apply it in different situations with clients
  • Understand human needs and the role they play in our overall levels of happiness and wellness
  • Direct your life where you want it to go
  • Improve your personal and business results
  • Learn how to coach yourself and others

Vocational Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to work confidently with personal and corporate clients to an advanced level
  • Be able to apply behavioural science to offer companies board level change programmes
  • Be able to use clinical hypnotherapy relationship improvement models to an advanced level
  • Use NLP confidently within the corporate sector
  • To be able to confidently apply clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to enhance the performance of individuals, team executives and companies
  • To understand the role of health coaching and how to apply to clients within our lifestyle medicine model
  • To be confident to be able to offer your professional clients the full package including health testing, supplements, investigatory strategies, and various lifestyle tests within the lifestyle medicine model.
  • To be able to write and deliver professional change programmes on stress, mental health interventions, behavioural change strategies and personal improvement rapid change solutions for individuals and companies
  • To understand the current health model including the NHS, primary care trusts, government funded initiatives, and the complementary and alternative medicine industry
  • Understand and value the importance of supervision
  • Understand CPD and acceptable standards and be able to put together a CPD plan
  • You will be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the philosophy and principles underpinning clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching
  • You will understand the role clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching play within the talking therapy arena
  • Understanding current legislation and policy as it applies to clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching
  • You will understand how to apply various clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching techniques to various sets of clients' circumstances
  • You will have developed a deep level knowledge of NLP and life coaching
  • You will have the required levels of skill, knowledge and confidence to use your qualifications professionally and be able to coach others with confidence
  • Understand the importance of your client’s dignity, privacy, autonomy, cultural differences and rights
  • The importance of the safety of your client and yourself
  • Understand how to write a personal development plan that includes relevant continual professional development activity
  • Learn the significance and importance of ongoing development and supervision developing your own knowledge, understanding and skills through reflective practice and research findings
  • Demonstrate an understanding of your own emotional state and the emotional state and responses of your clients, incorporating such awareness into your own practice
  • Be able to communicate clearly, concisely and in a professional manner
  • Be able to build trust with your client by understanding how to build great rapport
  • Recognise the importance of client confidentiality. Maintain client records for a period of a minimum of 7 years ensuring client confidentiality at all times
  • You will be able to work with confidence, integrity and sensitivity
  • Understand how to comply with an ongoing development plan that includes systematic observation and critical evaluation of your professional knowledge and skills
  • The importance of working within the scope of your practice, experience and capability at all times
  • To confidently facilitate a client 121 clinical hypnosis, NLP and life coaching session
  • To be able to recognise each stage and phase of the client session and know when to use the appropriate coaching intervention
  • To understand National Occupational Standards and recognise how they apply within the CAM marketplace.

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