Course Learning Outcomes


  • change your client’s mind set
  • create a confident future for your client
  • assist your client to take control of their emotions
  • assist your client to become more confident about themselves
  • Develop a practitioner level knowledge of NNRT, and understand how to apply it in different situations with your clients
  • Understand human needs and the role they play in their overall level of well-being
  • Direct your client’s life where they want it to go
  • Improve your business results


  • You will have a practitioner level knowledge, understanding key principles, theory, practice and clinical application of your chosen modality – NNRT
  • You will be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the philosophy and principles underpinning NNRT
  • You will understand the role of how NNRT plays within the talking therapy arena
  • You will understand how to apply various NNRT techniques to use in different circumstances with your clients.
  • You will have the required levels of skill, knowledge and confidence to use your qualifications professionally
  • Understand the importance of your client’s dignity, privacy, autonomy, cultural differences and rights.
  • The importance of safety of you and your client.
  • Be able to communicate clearly, concisely and in a professional manner
  • Be able to build trust with your client by understanding how to build great rapport
  • Recognise the importance of client confidentiality
  • You will be able to work with confidence, integrity and sensitivity
  • Understand how to comply with an on going development plan that includes systematic observation and critical evaluation of your professional knowledge and skills
  • The importance of working within the scope of your practise, experience and capability at all times.
  • To confidently facilitate a client 1-2-1

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